Malcolm Knapp

Berkeley, CA

(917) 572 2299


Competencies Team Management, Scheduling, Sourcing, Product Definition, Engineering Architecture, Interface Definition, Schematic Creation, Layout, Functional Verification, Debugging
Software Applications OrCAD, Eagle, Bugzilla, SVN, Arduino, Illustrator, MPlab, CAM 350, Pro-E, Cadence, Matlab, Microsoft Office, WordPress, UNIX, PC, Macintosh literate.
Programming C, Labview, Unix Scripting, Visual Basic, Java, Assembly, Komodo, WordPress
Hardware PIC, Atmel microcontrollers, ICP, JTAG, RS-232, UART, I2C, SPI, solenoids, electric motors, EMI/EMC compliance, lab equipment
Machining Laser Cutter, Mill, Lathe, Table Saw, Chop Saw




MFHK Consulting, Sole Proprietor

Jan  2010 – Present

Independent consultant providing product definition, engineering architecture, implementation, and testing services.


Power Management Ecosystem: Electrical engineer in a team of 6 productizing an initial prototype

  • Created Product Definition framework to capture the design
  • Managed two separate PCB builds that proceeded with no delays
  • Integrated offsite engineers work into a flexible works-like prototype to test system hardware and software efficiently
  • Created an adaptive test plan that minimized planning time and allowed for efficient debugging
  • Led construction and testing of three trial systems. These systems are now deployed and are providing  critical information the client as well as serving customers.
  • Tools Used: Eagle, Eagle ULP, Illustrator, iWork, Office, Unix


Remote Stock Management System: Engineering Consultant brought in to document the product and give focus to the engineering team.

  • Worked with the Engineering, Marketing, and Management teams to created a Product Definition for the device.
  • Created the intellectual space for crucial decisions to be made by the different teams.
  • The Product Definition process gave the engineering team a clear vision of the product and a strong guide to future work
  • Tools Used: Illustrator, iWork, Office


Remote Sensing Device: Lead engineer for a pilot run, second prototype and follow on programing work

  • Defined product feature list, use cases, and block diagram
  • Implemented a fractal UI state machine firmware that was able to easily adjust to changing requirements
  • Successfully completed design, schematic creation, layout, sourcing, bring up and testing of the 1st and 2nd prototype designs
  • Quickly solved debugging issues during field testing in Nicaragua
  • Fixed intermittent firmware bugs by creating a long term system that could catch and record them
  • In follow on work, rearchitected a stock management application for the device to work within the constraints of the microcontroller
  • Tools Used: Eagle, Arduino, Illustrator, Open Office, iWork


Consumer Audio Device: Project Manager brought in to bring momentum back to a stalled team

  • Created a Product Definition for the device that clarified the outstanding issues and allowed for decisions to be made
  • Managed team through redesign of the PCB and creation of the manufacturing package


Medical Device: Technical Lead and Project Manager for a team of 5. Managed the design  through redesign of the board for manufacturability and three prototype builds.


Other projects:

  • PCB layout of Bluetooth based device
  • Programming of a GPS/GSM tracking device
  • Sole engineer for specification and testing of a solar power system


D2M Inc, Electrical Engineer

June 2007 – Feb 2009

Medical Cart Upgrade: Junior engineer in a team of three that integrated a new power supply into the cart and updated the microcontroller firmware.

  • Independently designed and verified a PCBA that is now in production
  • Solved difficult firmware and hardware bugs under time pressure
  • Successfully supported initial production ramp up at the contract manufacturer in China
  • Tools used: OrCAD, CAM 350, Visual Basic, C, and Excel


Water Purifier Lifetime Tester: Lead electrical engineer for design of a lifetime tester. Follow-on work included redesign of the purifier electrical system to meet RoHS and FCC compliance.

  • Independently designed and debugged lifetime tester that used Labview for hardware control
  • Test results formed the basis for the decision to start production
  • Completed redesign for production including EMI/ EMC compliance
  • Tools used: OrCAD, Labview, and Excel


Cart Motor Controller: Junior engineer in a team of three that redesigned a motor control board.

  • Created and managed hardware version control system that reduced errors during board bring-up
  • Provided time critical engineering solutions during production rollout
  • Tools used: OrCAD, CAM 350, and Excel
Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department, TA and Lab Manager

Sep 2005 – May 2006

  • Helped Senior Design students complete a design project from initial concept generation to a working prototype.
  • Helped students with troubleshooting of their projects
  • Developed the Students Projects Lab to make it an more effective space to do projects.


Other Experience

Make:SF, Organizer

Nov 2009 – Present

A DIY group with monthly meetings in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. The goal of the group is to create a space where it is easy to get into Making.

  • Coordinated meeting times, locations, mini-projects, speakers for all meetings every month
  • Researched and brain-stormed new ideas and created tutorials for mini-projects.
  • Successfully taught the whole range of mini-projects to all people of all skill levels



Columbia University (New York, NY)

2003 – 2006

  • Masters in Electrical Engineering. (GPA 3.8/4.0)
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering Combined Plan Program (GPA 3.8/4.0)
 Pitzer College (Claremont, CA)

1999 – 2003

  • B.A. in Science, Engineering and Society. (GPA 3.8/4.0)
  • Thesis: Knowledge Transfer to Industry in Japan and England during their Industrial Revolutions
  • Physics and Math tutor