Product Block Diagram

This is a representative Product Block Diagram and is one of the deliverables for a Product Definition. Each block would match one of the features in the Feature List and the arrows show how power and signals are distributed through the device.


Smart Connect Schematic and Layout

This shows an example schematic and layout I did for the Smart Connect. The Smart Connect was a device used to track the temperature of vaccine refrigerators and send a SMS alert if they ever went out of range. I integrated an Arduino Mega with a Telit GSM module and a power supply onto a custom PCB.


PDU Message Specification

Another example of product documentation. This is my version of the SMS PDU Mode Specification. This captures the names and options for all the fields within a PDU message. It puts the information needed into a single structured document.




Design by Documentation

The process of developing a prototype is a extremely complex one. This graphic captures my process in as simple a way as I have found so far. I call my process Design by Documentation because by creating the documentation you create the design at the same time. This gets around the problem of incomplete and rushed documentation tacked on to the end of a project. Each box represents a major activity and each title represents a deliverable. The arrows show how each deliverable leads to the next. Of course each activity can be done stand alone or as a sub-sequence if the project requires it.


Prototyping Process

The Design by Documentation graphic captures one full cycle through the development process. This Prototyping Process graphic shows a representative path through product development and contains three of these cycles. I view the goal prototyping process as a process of ever increasing constraint. At the beginning of a project there is maximum design freedom. As the first prototype gets designed and built this design freedom drops to a minimum. Then after the first prototype is made and tested the design freedom opens up again, though not as much as before, as the issues with the first prototype are fixed. Then design freedom is constrained again as the second prototype is manufactured and tested. Finally the design freedom opens up once more to fix any final issues and then the product goes into production.




Text Book Structure

This graphic shows the topic structure for my ongoing project to create a electrical engineering textbook. The idea is to create an application centric book where the theory is added only when it is needed.


Introduction to PCB Layout 1V02 for Workshop Weekend

I created this tutorial for hobbyists who have a working bread board design but are now running into its limitations and want to go to the next level. It was designed to fill in a gap that I see in the tutorials that already existing. I have successfully run this tutorial twice and everyone who took the class was able to create their own board design.


Temperature Clock for Make:SF

This tutorial was created to give the students a quick introduction to programming with Arduino and Processing. I premade the underlying code so that the students could focus on and understand the important parts and not get distracted by the details. This tutorial has been run twice at Maks:SF with great success.